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  • Opinion | This Perfect Mother-Daughter Read Holds a Powerful Lesson for Fighting Antisemitism

    Like many book nerds, when I became a mother I fantasized about a future in which my daughters and I could lounge side by side, reading in comfortable silence. I was overjoyed when this started happening with my older daughter — we started reading together and she’d chatter about the characters in the books that […]

  • Opinion | Kill Your Lawn, Before It Kills You

    Seen from above, it’s not the undulating rows of square houses that make American suburbia so recognizable. It’s the wide rivers of lush, almost neon-green grass that cut through the landscape. And on long, hot summer days, the lawn is where suburban living reaches its idyllic peak. But while the lawn may be a powerful […]

  • Opinion | Fed Up With Democratic Emails? You’re Not the Only One.

    Donald Trump seemed to usher in a new era of Democratic grass-roots engagement. More than four million people marched in the streets the day after his inauguration. Several thousand chapters of Indivisible, one of the biggest new “Resistance” organizations, sprung up, covering every congressional district. On the Democratic fund-raising platform ActBlue, the number of donors […]

  • Opinion | A Plea From More Than 100 Medical Professionals: Boycott Anti-Abortion States

    To the Editor: “States That Ban Abortion Risk Losing Business” (front page, July 12) reports that after the Supreme Court’s Dobbs decision, Democratic governors have pitched their states as better alternatives for business. As leaders in medicine across specialties, we agree. After the ruling, many states have moved to ban abortion outright. This is a […]