A Banner Year for Bristol Bay’s Sockeye Salmon Harvest

The sockeye salmon harvest in the Bristol Bay area of southeast Alaska is expected to be among the largest on record. State officials are reporting a run of 74 million fish, mostly from Bristol Bay, during a season that started on June 1 and continues until early August. Bristol Bay, the world’s largest source for wild sockeye salmon, is a sustainably managed resource where thousands of local fishermen work on small boats. The salmon are smaller than king salmon, with firmer, succulent, characteristically deep red-orange flesh. The fish are widely shipped for sale in stores, online and in restaurants. Among the reliable sources for home cooks is Pride of Bristol Bay, which has started accepting orders for delivery in September. They sell the fish in 10- and 20-pound lots, either filleted sides of about 1.25 pounds each ($219.90 for 10 pounds, $399.80 for 20), or in individual 5- to 7-ounce portions ($229.90 for 10 pounds, $419.80 for 20).

bristolbaysockeye.org; to order, prideofbristolbay.com.

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